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Chicago, gender variant, and UIC friends,

I’m seeking additional students to enroll in Introduction to Transgender Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It’s a 200-level special topics class in the Gender and Women’s Studies Program, which means no course like this is officially on the books or expected to be taught regularly in the future. The directors in the GWS program have been very supportive and excited about the class, but they acknowledge low enrollment is a factor in whether a course like this would be offered more regularly. A first step in making trans studies a regular part of GWS curriculum would be high enrollment starting from day 1.

The class begins Tues, Jan. 12. And as of today (1/10), there are 21 students enrolled. This is fantastic news for me–it’s large enough to run. But will trans studies be taught at UIC again? Will students have a regular opportunity to learn about trans studies–a subject that contributes to competency about a range of identities, policies, and social justice work? Will new hires in GWS be sought out who have expertise in this field? These are all questions that I have very little control over, but I would really like to give Trans Studies at UIC the best possible start. Getting word out so that we get full enrollment (30) and even a waiting list would communicate the significance of the course to adminstration.

Will you help by sharing this information so more folks can know about this course and so we may be able to get enrollment as high as possible and hopefully ensure the future of this course at UIC?

The class begins – Tues, Jan 12.
Late enrollment ends – Fri, Jan 22.
PDF of the course flyer
Web version of the course flyer
Stable URL of this info
For a draft syllabus or for questions, contact me –


  1. It would be useful to know what days of the week and times it runs, for purposes of fitting it into a schedule

    1. It’s Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:45 AM in the Behavioral Science Building. If you click on the course flyer, you can also see the course ID number if that’s helpful. Thanks for considering it and/or passing the word on!

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