J. California Cooper: Legacy of Love

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If you’ve never heard of her, learn a bit about her in this New York Times article. I had the pleasure of hanging out with her one day in 2005–me and my sister Katrina, and she and her daughter Paris. Ms. Cooper was warm and generous and yes, even a bit goofy.


The narrator of her novel Family says, “It’s some who tries to spread love…and, I think Love will always win. Always. But…what a fight it must take. I thank God for the people in this here world that tries to spread love to all kind of people. Cause, chile, can you imagine what this world would be like without em?”

Ms. Cooper, you’re presence is missed, but we’re so glad we don’t have to imagine a world without you. You’ve left us, your readers past, present, and future, with a legacy of love.



Photo credit: Katrina Chu

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