How I planned a Social Media Event in 3 Short Weeks

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I don’t suggest you do it in 3 weeks. I recommend 3 months – a month to (re)learn the ropes, a month to make a plan that fits your event’s circumstances, and a month to get your attendees ready. But if you’re in a pinch (like I was), here’s a good plan.

3 weeks out

Get your plan figured out. Form a team of people who, if all else fails, will be a lively community who know how to use social media at your even, are making the most of social media at your event, and are modeling it for others. Give the team a set of specific instructions that they are committed to following.

2 weeks out

Convince your attendees that social media is an opportunity to enhance their experience at the event, and educate them about how to follow what others will be doing with social media (what’s a hashtag, what kinds of things will show up in the feed, how and where they can view this feed, why is this worthwhile). Encourage attendees to participate in the social media backchannel. Provide educational opportunities for them to learn how to use social media. Provide incentives for those who are willing to participate often.

1 week out

Model the usefulness of social media. Garner excitement. Facilitate social media use.

At the event

Provide print materials with all the relevant information. Repost others posts. Display live feeds. Follow up on incentives.


Highlight feed content. Distribute archived stories. Keep conversations going that have stagnated by asking more questions.  Take advantage of momentum by garnering excitement about the next event.



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